(M) The recent 10

An of an mountain hut in the Bavarian Alps

It was one of the first really sunny days short before spring, when I was in the Pre-Bavarian Alps. It was a heavy tour with approx. 1.400 meter up. When I arrived the top of the plateau of the mountain, I saw a small mountain hut. It was not farmed, because of the SAR-COV-2 (Corona) virus. But the wreath at the door was mostly fresh. Sometimes the details are quit nice.

Harbor of Piombino

I have seen this cloud while we left the harbor of Piombino – I guess it was aqueous vapor only.

The Munich Townhall

The Munich Townhall in the beginning of April. The sun, which was just about to set, made the town hall shine in a very special way.

The closed Door of the Broken House

The front wall of the house, which is the last remaining piece of a whole house. The rest of the house no longer exists. The doors are still standing and have been closed cleanly.

The Small Rusty Balkony

A small rusty balkony somewhere on La Gomera. A small rusty balkony somewhere on La Gomera. Overall I was phaszinated of the colors and the idea having a balkony … under any circumsdances.

Karoline – Test @ comorea-studios

This picture has been taken during a shooting in my studio.

The better Composition

Aim was, to take a picture of the three windows and the 2 doors. Unfortunatelly, the small lorry – the transporter for the beer – was in in front of the building. It was clear, that the small lorry is about to leave … soon. Well, after 10 minutes, the man in the lorry spent his time to do some conversation over the smartphone. Additional 10 minutes later, the same situation. After 30 Minutes, the lady by my side got a nervous. So, I took the picture – and finally I think it is the better composing.

Divieto di Campeggio

This picture of the garage has been taken near the sea on the island Elba. I was primarily focused on the doors of the garage. But after I have taken the picture, I perceived this sign on the left upper corner of the door. It is a kind of prohibition sign, where the owner pointed, that it is forbidden to camp. Well, who should tent on a ground based on concrete.

Triumphal Arch in Munich

It was during a walk along the Leopoldstrasse in autumn 2017, when I have been impressed of the bright shining Triumphal Arch in Munich. Well, I risked the way over the very busy 4-lane road to take a picture.

Sao Paulo – Statue of Liberty

After arrival in Sao Paulo we were at this place right on the first day of our trip. In the late afternoon we met together with friends at the Italia Bar on the 45-th floor at the Edifício Itália – the 2nd tallest building (165m) in Sao Paulo. We enjoyed some Caipirinhas and the special mood during the stay at the bar.
Well, later I was looking for the restrooms and – I opened the „wrong“ door by accident. It was the door to one of the fire staircases. And then I saw this Statue of Liberty standing in the floor. Can you see the smal diffrent to the one in NY?
I went back, picked up my camera and took this photo. I was told by everybody, that this may is the real Statue of Liberty.

View over Sao Paulo

A view out of our hotel in Sao Paulo with a very intresting shape of the clouds on the sky.

Salzburg Cathedral

I have been to the Salzburg Cathedral many times over the past years. Of course I am always impressed of the baroque beauty. In spite of the size of the cathedral and the crowds of people that are in this building, you always have your place for peace and quiet. On this day I was there with a dear person, in order to focus more on the architecture (PL).

The Missing Light

I was on my way home, when I saw this building in Munich … ok, a part of the building. There was one staircase with no light … and I made the symethrie.

Tuscany – Industrial Area

Is it worthy of mention, that not far away of this industry area the wonderful island of Elba is in the Mediterranean Sea? – Well, luckily on the left side …

A place in the backyard to linger

Well, where can you find this kind of place? – Only in France or Greece! Lovely designed, with the books, the dried flowers, the different chairs which match wonderful, the vintage style of the window shutter, oh no it is not vintage style, it is real. A really lovely place to stay.

Elba – The highest Point

I was on the highest Point on Elba, the Monte Capanne (1.016m). Near me a mast with antennas for mobile, TV, radio and so on. I guess it is the best place to have a fantastic view on Elba, but moreover it is maybe not the healthiest location on Elba (PL).

Melissa – Underwear @ comorea-studios

This picture has been taken during a shooting in my studio.

One last of its kind: a chewing-gum machine

Seen in Schrobenhausen in 2017. Honestly, it is hard to say that, but the end of this machines has already begun … no, the era of chewing-gum machines is close to the end. I remember, when I was young, my mother sometimes gave me „10 Pfennig“ – the money before the Euro. „10 Pfennig“ is more or less 5 EuroCent. I walked to the machine, plugin the 10 Pfennig from above, twisted the black grip … and mostly a chewing-gum came out, sometimes one of this small little gimmicks. Well, when I was young … 45 years ago …

Time goes by

I have seen this Iron bollar near an iron mine. I guess it is the old harbor, where the ships have been fixed with the ropes at the bollars. It is an good example about perishability especially of metall/iron and finally the circle of life (PL)

The broken inlay of a Door

Seen @ La Gomera

Metro Madrid

A empty cross-corridor in a metro-station in Madrid.

The rusty window

seen @ Alpes Côte d’Azur

Power-Line in Venezia / Italy

I saw this huge power-lines on a day-trip to the Mediterranean Sea in the south of Chioggia.

The lovers

After really hard weeks in my job, I decided on Sunday spontaneously, to go to Munich down-town and go for a walk from the Marienplatz to the „Englischer Garten“.

It was a wonderful day, and crowds where in down-town to enjoy the sun. Well, temperatures like in spring, a blue sky and it was so lovely warm. Just to remember: it was the day before the horrible storm „Sabine“.

Near the „Residenz“, I saw the roofed connection way and I was impressed by the geometry of the frames. But, with the walking couple, that walked hand in hand, it is not only a picture with a nice geometry view, it is a photo with emotions.

The almost invisible Door of the Marstall theatre

As I mentioned in one of my previous article, I was in Munich on that day. It was on my way from the Residenz to the „Englischer Garten“, along the Marstall theatre. It seems, it is one of the backdoors to the Marstall theatre. Hopefully the fire-brigade will find this door in the night, when it is dark and when they are in a hurry …

The Deutsche Museum in Munich

Snow fell down overnight and thin layers of snow formed in the cooler places in Munich. Especially at the river Isar it looked very winterly. Before I walked towards the old heating plant, I took a picture of one of the buildings of the Deutsches Museum.

Rain in Winter

This picture has been in Munich in Winter 2020 – well, it wasn’t a real winter. It was more than in autum: rain and sunshine, but colder than in summer. I thought, the the shutter time was short enough, that the rain is not visible on the picture – well I was wrong.

Angelika – Underwear in Blue

This picture has been taken during a test shooting session in my studio.

Natty at the BuGa in Munich

A wonderful sunny day in summer. Only the model, me and my camera … in the middle of crowds. She was so professional and played very well here role of the slightly shy girl.