(M) The recent 10

The Door in the old Bath

The old bath in Karsbad. A door to a room where the rich people changed their clothes to enjoy the spa day.

The tiled Wall

Typical for Portugal and Lisbon: The tiled outer walls of the houses.

During a walk through Venice

I remember that time in Venice many years ago. It was also during a holiday trip, when I visited Venice. It was more or less the beginning of a phase, where I started taking pictures of doors and windows. This phase is still a main part of my photography and become more and more interesting. This window remembers me to one of my first pictures …

The Munich Townhall

The Munich Townhall in the beginning of April. The sun, which was just about to set, made the town hall shine in a very special way.

Dubai – Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa (830m) – I was on the top of the roof, the highest Building in Dubai… in the world … well, in 2018 … maybe some years later they are going to have another building which is the (next) highest building in the world … more than 1000m … business as usual: „no limits“.

A place in the backyard to linger

Well, where can you find this kind of place? – Only in France or Greece! Lovely designed, with the books, the dried flowers, the different chairs which match wonderful, the vintage style of the window shutter, oh no it is not vintage style, it is real. A really lovely place to stay.

Triumphal Arch in Munich

It was during a walk along the Leopoldstrasse in autumn 2017, when I have been impressed of the bright shining Triumphal Arch in Munich. Well, I risked the way over the very busy 4-lane road to take a picture.

The Bus Station

A picture of a walk though Munich by night. The bus station – it is really huge, called „Münchner Freiheit“

One last of its kind: a chewing-gum machine

Seen in Schrobenhausen in 2017. Honestly, it is hard to say that, but the end of this machines has already begun … no, the era of chewing-gum machines is close to the end. I remember, when I was young, my mother sometimes gave me „10 Pfennig“ – the money before the Euro. „10 Pfennig“ is more or less 5 EuroCent. I walked to the machine, plugin the 10 Pfennig from above, twisted the black grip … and mostly a chewing-gum came out, sometimes one of this small little gimmicks. Well, when I was young … 45 years ago …

View over Sao Paulo

A view out of our hotel in Sao Paulo with a very intresting shape of the clouds on the sky.